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red light sleep baby

Many parents prefer not to use a night light in their child's room for fear that it will disturb their child's sleep. However, there are studies that show how a red night light can help a child of any age sleep better.

1. Red light and melatonin - There is scientific evidence that "red light"(,, ) promotes the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Melatonin lowers heart rate, relaxes muscles and reduces the risk of breast, ovarian and prostate cancer and has been reported to be a powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger It has also been shown that melatonin is twice as active as vitamin E and is capable of aiding long-term memory. Blue light blocks melatonin.

2. Scary dreams - Young, preschoolers often imagine that there are monsters lurking in the dark corner of their room. A dim red night light can help calm their fears and remove the scary shadows, without being too bright to disturb their sleep.

3. Waking up at midnight to go to the bathroom or drink - Once your baby moves from the crib to the big bed, they often feel the need to go to the bathroom or drink some water in the middle of the night. This pattern can continue long into childhood. If their room is
completely dark, they may feel frightened or unable to find their way to the bathroom or find their bottle on the bedside table. A warm, gentle night light will be enough to help them find their way. Don't worry! Around the age of 5 they will begin to be more independent.

4. Lost teddy bears or pacifiers - The dreaded 2am call. Your baby has lost his pacifier, teddy bear or blanket somewhere. It's hard to find it in the dark, but a warm red night light gives you just enough vision to find your beloved bedmate and get everyone back to sleep faster, without having to turn on 'blinding main light.

5. A quick check from mom and dad - As parents, we always like to check on our little ones before bed. It's hard to do this in a dark room, so a night light makes it easier to check that the kids are asleep and that the covers have been tucked in, without having to look for the hallway light.

You can add one of our red bulbs to any Himalayan salt lamp (not USB) to get the new effect

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