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Why Use Incense in Meditation? A Yogic Point of View

INCENSE IS TRADITIONALLY USED IN RELIGIOUS CULTURE It actually has three valid purposes that also apply to meditation and other individual devotional practices. The first purpose in using incense is that it homogenizes every smell The mind is disturbed by anything that stimulates the senses. Smells, annoying noises, insects, distract the mind. The delicate scent of incense, which you [...]

Curcuma Wholistic, benefits and properties of the golden root

CURCUMA AND ITS PROPERTIES Curcuma Wholistic is a super-curcuma made with the Wholistic method by Pukka Herbs. Wholistic is a word created by the English company coming from whole=integral and holistic=holistic, a product that contains all the vital essence of the plant. Wholistic combines hydroalcoholic and carbon dioxide extraction. The first one extracts the compounds [...]

Crystal bells, sound of light in the alpha state

CRYSTAL BELLS, THE ELEVANT SOUND OF PURE CRYSTAL Crystal bells are clear quartz bowls in the shape of the most famous singing bowls. Singing bowls are musical instruments used by Tibetan monks in rituals and meditations. Crystal bells use the same principles. Their vibration allows the crystalline substances [...]

Organic Hemp Seed Oil and Omega 3

ORGANIC HEMP SEED OIL, SOURCE OF OMEGA 3 AND OMEGA 6 Organic hemp seed oil is obtained by cold pressing the seeds of Cannabis Sativa. It has a high amount of protein equal to 20-25%, (the nine essential amino acids including edestine and albumin) and we also find vitamin B1 and B2 and [...]

Elderberry syrup, a breath of wellness with the ayurvedic elixir

SAMBUCO SYRUP, A COMPLETELY NATURAL WELLNESS ELISIR The ancient Ayurvedic tradition amazes us again. It uses as the main ingredient of a very effective syrup a plant that is very common in Italy: elderberry (sambucus nigra). Best known for its use in "sambuca", elderberry is a truly precious plant. Each of its aerial part (flowers [...]

Raw Food, raw food for true well-being

RAW FOOD IS CRUDE FOOD TREATED UNDER 42°C The raw food movement, born in the USA about three decades ago, is rapidly spreading also in Italy. The good news is that you don't have to be vegetarian or vegan to appreciate the enormous benefits of raw food. It's not even [...]

Washing nuts, the natural detergent for the home and the person

WASHING NUTS, A CLEANSER THAT CAN BE USED FOR EVERYTHING The Sapindus Mukorossi, often called "the soap tree" because of the cleansing properties of its shells, is a centuries-old tree belonging to the Sapindacee family which is widespread in India and Nepal, where it grows to a height of fifteen metres. In spring it is adorned with [...]

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