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Cellulite: the best ayurvedic remedies to eliminate it in a natural way

According to ayurveda, the cause of cellulite is the stagnation of toxins, called ama, which the body cannot dispose of properly. In most cases, this accumulation of toxins is due to the malfunctioning of the digestive fire, agni, which is unable to burn fat properly. Ayurvedic remedies for cellulite take into account these [...]

The effects of emotions on the immune system

There is a deep connection between emotions and the immune system. In times of stress, our bodies release certain hormones, including cortisol, which cause a weakening of the immune system. In contrast, the relaxation practices typical of yoga and meditation exert a beneficial action on the body, strengthening its ability to defend itself against inflammation [...]

10 foods to strengthen the immune system

One of the main sources of our well-being is our diet. What we eat has a decisive influence on our psycho-physical balance, health and body. Choosing useful foods to strengthen the immune system means taking care of your body, giving it the right weapons to fight the evils of the season, rebalance the intestinal well-being and manage [...]

Tibetan Bells

Through these wonderful instruments you can enter a sound space enveloping and beneficial to the mind, body and spirit. The Singing Bowls also called Tibetan Bells, are an ancient and extraordinary instrument that, through the vibrations of harmonic sound, create a resonance that promotes a complete rebalance, both for those who play them [...]

Incense: the resin that purifies body and environment

Origins and traditions of incense Incense has been used for thousands of years in many cultures and has many beneficial properties for the person and not only. The burning of resins and aromatic herbs belongs to an ancient tradition, the first use of incense dates back to the dawn of mankind and was a ritual practiced by different populations. It is assumed that our [...]

Essential oils for summer!

Your first aid for the summer, always at hand in your travel bag! We recommend: Lavender, rosemary, geranium, lemongrass and tea tree, great for this season! Lavender Thanks to its soothing, healing and refreshing properties, it allows you to regenerate and decongest both a sunburned skin and small burns, abrasions, cuts [...]

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