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Minerals for energetic water cleansing.
Each package contains minerals for 140 g.

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Minerals for energetic water cleansing.
Each package contains minerals for 140 g.
Creation of crystal water: the minerals must be of good quality in terms of colour, transparency, shape, etc. Artificially coloured or irradiated stones (such as blue topaz) are not suitable.
In reality it is not us who choose but always the stone that calls us, that resonates with our being and that our subconscious understands in an immediate way.
Use: the container where the stones are placed, must be washed and cleaned thoroughly, because with the insertion of the stones, begins the process of energy transfer to the water. Once clean, place the minerals on the bottom of the container, fill with water covering well the crystals and finally place in a clean and quiet place.
The place where it is placed also transfers information to the water: a pleasant, quiet and clean place will fill the water with positive vibrations. The container should not be closed, the ideal is a jug, but if it remains unused for a long time, better to cover it to not let in dust and dirt.
At a chemical and physical level, it presents an enormous variety even if all waters contain an abundance of minerals and electromagnetic frequencies, absorbed in the underground flow during their cycle. Through the water purification network or in the bottling processes, the water, initially pure and uncontaminated, is deprived of its vibration and its biophysical characteristics, becoming energetically poor.
The studies of researchers and scientists have shown that water is a precious vehicle of information, a sort of liquid magnetic tape, able to record in a very sensitive way the energy information it receives from the environment. The use of ancient symbols, minerals, music, words or phrases, makes it possible to transfer a specific energy vibration to the water and finally to the human body, which being made up of about 70% water, benefits even more.

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