Tulsi Original Leaves 100g Gran Spzia


Tulsi Original 100 g Leaf , Consisting of 33% of Rama Tulsi + 33% of Vana Tulsi + 33% of Krisna Tulsi. Food Integrator. First Choice.

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Tulsi Original 100 g Leaf , Consisting of 33% of Rama Tulsi + 33% of Vana Tulsi + 33% of Krisna Tulsi. Food Integrator. First Choice.

Type of farming :Organic
Place of origin : North India
Content :100 g
Name: Tulsi, Holy Basil (Ocimun sanctum) or Tulasi, from Sanskrit "Mother Medicine".

Of over 100 species of Holy Basil, three are the most common and important: Rama Tulsi (Ocimun sanctum) with green leaves, Krishna Tulsi (Ocimun sanctum) with green-purple leaves and Vana Tulsi (Ocimun gratissimum) with green leaves that are very fragrant.
Our plants are exclusively Organic, we follow the whole production chain from the seed bank to the packaging of the Tulsi in heat-sealed bags, to preserve it from eventual contamination and bring it to us as fresh as if it had just been harvested.
The ancient Vedic recipe "Original" consists of mixing the three varieties of Tulsi in equal parts.
What are the health benefits of Tulsi?
Recent scientific research seems to confirm the data traditionally known in Ayurvedic medicine, indicating that the Tulsi, very rich in antioxidants and other nutritional elements,
is able to reduce stress, mitigate inflammatory processes, control plasma cholesterol levels, eliminate toxins and promote purification processes, protect against radiation, prevent gastric ulcers, lower fever, help digestion. Tulsi also supports the health and proper functioning of the heart, veins, liver and lungs; it is an excellent remedy for regulating blood pressure and controlling blood sugar.
How can Tulsi offer so many benefits?
The chemical composition of Tulsi is very complex. The Tulsi contains hundreds of ingredients beneficial to the body, well known in the world pharmacopoeia, which working in synergy
among them prove to be excellent antioxidants, antibacterial, antiviral, immuno-stimulants and adaptogens (anti-stress); all these effects support the natural defenses against germs and disorders of various kinds.
When I drink Tulsi, what immediate and visible benefits can I expect?
Some benefits of Tulsi are immediate, others are gradually appreciated after regular use. It is easy to feel a sense of relaxation and energy after the first few cups.
Tulsi has many specific effects on the various systems of the body: in general it has a remarkable ability to generate well-being and to help the body's natural processes in overcoming many problems.
Very often the benefits manifest themselves in subtle ways, for example you may simply find that you are not bothered by stress, flu, colds or that you tire less easily. As with many other herbal remedies, it usually takes at least a week for the body to experience the greatest benefits. Tulsi also has the distinction of being the most effective and palatable stress reliever due to its delicate flavor and fragrance.
Our Tulsi blends have been proven to benefit people of all ages.
Does Tulsi contain caffeine?
Tulsi is naturally caffeine free.
How many cups of Gran Tulsi Herbal Tea are recommended per day?
Tulsi can be taken freely every day, from morning till evening. One or two cups of Tulsi per day are sufficient to have benefits, but you can increase the amount taken to increase the effectiveness of the product.
Can Tulsi give undesirable effects?
Our Tulsi blends have never shown any undesirable effects, on the contrary they help to reduce the negative effects of other substances that we ingest every day.